Buster Soulfly Pro

Buster Soulfly Pro

We are pleased to introduce the new BUSTER Soulfly PRO series.

The BUSTER Soulfly PRO is a complete new 4 line design for traction beginners and intermediate flyers. It can be flown with 4-line handles or on the new “4-line Soulfly bar” which is optional.

BUSTER Soulfly PRO Details:
- Distinctive PKD Tribal artwork on top and bottom of sail
- Reinforced bridle attachement points
- Reinforced nose profile for better launch
- same high quality fabric Nylon 6.0 like our Intemediate Kite Century II
- same high quality Vectran bridle like our intermediate Kite Century II
- Velcro Dirt outs
- Impressive performance combined with easy control and landing
- Large wind range and safe handling
- Great upwind performance and stability
- Clam cleats at the handles to adjust the brake lines to your preferences

- BUSTER Soulfly PRO Kite
- PKD 4-line handles with harness line
- 20m Dyneema flying lines SK75 - 200/90 kg
- Groundstake, Kitekiller, Manual
- Shoulder Bag The Kite is compeltely RTF and all lines are fixed at the Kite and at the handles. You can put The Buster Soulfly PRO out of the bag and you can start to fly immediately.

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PKD Landkite Manual